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Product Specialisation & Consolidation

While Bunzl Safety can provide a significant product range in each of our core product categories, our approach to supply, involves rationalising and consolidating products based on safety requirements.

Complexity burdens most companies. Supply chains suffer from too many suppliers, too many products, and many different systems.

Bunzl Safety can look at the Why, What, How and Where of selecting products that will keep your workplace safer while at the same time, providing efficiencies.

With our tried and tested principles, supply chains can be leaner, more robust and your company can be more profitable.
We are the Product Specialisation & Consolidation Experts

Feedback from many safety managers suggests a real need to rationalise choice and improve safety with simplified product offerings based on hazards. This approach has three benefits:

Safe Workers: A rationalised, approved product range ensures management can more easily recognise when employees are wearing or using the correct safety gear. As a result, this will ensure a more compliant, safer workplace.

Increased Efficiency: When only one or a small number of products are approved for a given task, staff members placing orders know what they require. There is no ambiguity or queries regarding item availability or appropriate certification. This not only removes uncertainty, but eliminates the potential for disputes or incorrect product being ordered, it also frees up company time to focus on core objectives and the right product being used for the correct application.

Decreased Cost: Tracking usage and expenditure on a smaller range of products is much easier and by purchasing higher numbers of the one product, typically results in reduced costs.
Delivering the Benefits of Scale, Technical Expertise and Innovation

Like all Bunzl businesses across the world, we are experts in product specialisation and consolidation. By applying our knowledge and resources with our extensive warehousing infrastructure, we are also able to offer an efficient and effective solution for your workplace safety needs – thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business while we focus on safer working lives.