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Vendor Managed Inventory Control Options

Bunzl Safety offers many ways to manage your safety equipment securely on-site. Providing supplies and safety equipment at the point of use provides several benefits:

  •   Productivity increases due to less walking time to central stores and warehouses
  •   Software captures all transactions, providing business intelligence and reducing manual paperwork
  •   Machines offer configurable, accessible storage easily
  •   Auto-replenishment saves order processing expense and keeps items in stock
Container Shop

The on-site container shop enables convenient and immediate access to workwear, PPE and other safety equipment. A fitting area for uniform fittings can also be provided within the container if required. The container shop maintains peak efficiency with a service that brings equipment for the job to your site.
On-Site Vending Systems

Our on-site vending options include models that contain coils to dispense gloves, earplugs, and any carded or single-use packaging, or weight sensitive storage for all bin stock components.

The ToolBox Vending Machine includes a full computer touch screen.  Employees can search for items that may be located in the current machine or another vending machine onsite. It also enables receipt of purchase orders at the device and delivers a flexible dispensing layout which allows a wide range of products to be dispensed.

Weigh Station Vending allows for bulkier items, we also offer the WeighStation vending machine, which uses advanced patented scale and bin technology to immediately sense when an item has been removed or returned into a bin. This device allows for a highly flexible design to be achieved.
The POU Kiosk can be installed within the container shop to deliver a portable store solution. The POU Kiosk delivers full inventory management functionality and uses Telstra’s proven 3G and 4G networks to provide the best wireless connectivity available.

CM Mobile Plus is an iOS application that allows users to perform scanner functions using a Smart phone or iPad.