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  • How To Choose the Right Cut Protection Gloves

How To Choose the Right Cut Protection Gloves

The 2016 revision of the EN388 Mechanical Protection Standard, which governs protective gloves and sleeves, introduced a range of modifications designed to enable safety managers and other professionals to confidently identify the most appropriate option for their specific requirements.

Removing The Guesswork - Performance Ratings Explained

The EN388 2016 labelling requirements were revised and include a pictogram followed by up to six position-specific numbers or letters, which indicate test performance ratings. For alpha ratings, A is the lowest and F the highest resistance to cut. Numeric ratings run from 1 (the lowest) to four or five.

Cut Levels By Application - as easy as A-B-C

A range of obvious and important additional factors also guide the choice of cut resistant hand protection, including application and environment.
EN ISO Cut level resistance is measured in Newtons and ranges from 2 (Level A) through to 30 (Level F). The more weight required to cut through the glove material, the higher the rating.

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