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  • Understanding Heat Stress & How To Ensure Workers Are Hydrated

Understanding Heat Stress & How To Ensure Workers Are Hydrated

Understanding Heat Stress & How To Ensure Workers Are Hydrated

Heat stress and dehydration is a threat in every season – particularly during the summer months when added heat and humidity can lead to elevated body temperatures and fluid loss.  In fact, it only takes 2% of dehydration in the body to result in up to a 50% decrease in physical and mental performance.

Dangers Posed By Heat Stress

Workers in hot environments can be at risk for heat stress, which can lead to serious illness including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Older workers; workers with existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity; and those working strenuously or in direct sunlight are at greatest risk. Nobody can control the weather, but heat stress is preventable if employers and workers take proper precautions.

Bunzl Safety can ensure your workers remain hydrated with our range of Sqwincher hydration products and Ergodyne cooling towels for the body and under hard hats.

Why Sqwincher?

Sqwincher’s unique product formulations are the result of research and development that goes well beyond quenching thirst to deliver rehydration for the toughest of work conditions in addition to the following:

  • Sqwincher contains twice the potassium and half the sodium compared to other sports drinks
  • Sqwincher provides workers with an optimally-formulated supply of electrolytes; necessary components the body needs to stay hydrated, fuelled and focused
  • Sqwincher is absorbed into the body significantly faster than water alone, allowing the body to replenish
  • Sqwincher’s variety of flavours taste great
  • Sqwincher products work out very cost effective per serve
  • Available in powder concentrate, liquid concentrate, ready-made drink and freeze pop configurations in regular, and sugar free options formulations